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Research Interests

Economics of Risk and Uncertainty; Insurance; Behavioral Finance; Behavioral Decision Theory; Experimental Economics


[1] J. Zheng (2020) “Optimal Insurance Design under Narrow Framing” at Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization, In Press (Pre-print).

Selected Working Papers

[2] J. Zheng, H. Couprie and A. Hopfensitz (2020) “On the Inefficiency of Household Risk Sharing: The Role of Inequality” (Submitted).

[3] J. Zheng (2020) “Willingness to Pay for Reductions in Health Risks under Anticipated Regret” (Submitted).

[4] J. Zheng (2019) “Too Risky to Hedge: An Experiment on Narrow Framing”.

[5] J. Zheng (2019) “Belief-based Regret Theory”.

Selected Work in Progress 

[6] F. Fattinger, M. Loewenfeld and J. Zheng (2019) “Regret and Restricted Choice: An Experimental Study” (First Draft Available).